MC-580 P Dark Grey

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For on-site consultations.

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Total Body Measurements*

Body mass Index (BMI)
Body Fat (Kg)
Body Fat (%)
Visceral Fat Indicator
Fat Mass
Fat Free Mass
Muscle Mass
Protein (Kg)
Total Body Water (Kg)
Total Body Water (%)
Extra-Cellular Water (Kg) -
Intra-Cellular Water (Kg) -
ECW/TBW Ratio -
Basal Metabolic Rate
Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator -
Bone Mineral Mass Indicator
Metabolic age
Physique Rating
Phase angle
Sarcopenia Index

Segmental Measurements

Segmental Body Fat (%)
Segmental Body Fat (Kg)
Segmental Fat Distribution Rating
Segmental Muscle Mass (Kg)
Segmental Muscle Mass Rating
Segmental Muscle Mass Balance
Segmental Leg Muscle Score
Segmental Reactance/Resistance
Segmental Phase Angle

Level of Compliance

Accuracy grade: -
Medical Device Classification: -

* Display of measurements may vary per product type. Printer, TANITA PRO software or TANITA PRO app may be required.


Product weight 11.2 kg
Maximum weight capacity 270 kg
Warranty 3 years
Product dimensions (mm) 394x75x551
Number of frequencies 2
Number of Electrodes 8
Accuracy (g) 100
Power supply AC or Battery
Place of Manufacture Japan
Testing time (sec) ??
Power source 9 V Adapter or 4 x AA Batteries


APP connected
Age range 5 - 99**
Optional Height Meter -
LCD Touchscreen -

Information Output

SD-card -
Software ***
Build-in thermal printer -
Optional thermal printer
Compatible with printer

**Selected measurements available for age group 5-18. Pl. get in touch to learn more.

***TANITA PRO Software only works with WindowsOS


Product description

This portable body composition monitor is ideal for on-site consultations. The MC-580 P runs on a 9V adapter or AA batteries (four pieces), allowing you to take it anywhere. This makes it a perfect monitor for personal trainers who visit different locations, or for nutritionists who give consultations at home. The monitor consists of a single unit and is easy to take with you using the matching case for transport. In addition to the MC-580 S the MC-580 P has an additional column should you wish to use the product in one location for a longer period of time.

The MC-580 P provides immediate analysis of a client's health and fitness. Progress is monitored over time, which is a good starting point for thorough and personalised training or nutrition advice. The latest 4C technology makes the measurements even more accurate. 

The LCD display shows data on fat and muscle mass, both in percentage and absolute mass. With the segmental analysis, you also obtain this data per body segment (both arms, both legs and torso). The phase angle is also shown, which gives a direct assessment of the nutritional status and muscle quality. All body composition data can be sent directly to a tablet via integrated Bluetooth. It is compatible with both the TANITA PRO app (for IPAD IOS & Android Tablet) and TANITA Pro software (for Windows). So you can easily store, analyse and share the body composition results with your clients.

Printer on pictures is not included.

360 degrees image


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